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      Let’s Have a Conversation

      Benefits of Heat Treating Parts in the Tool and Die Industry

      September 15, 2021

      If you’ve worked for any time whatsoever in the metal business, you know that heat treatment is a critical component of ensuring that your product holds up to daily wear and tear, resistant to the toughest jobs. Heat treatment is actually a process of both heating and cooling metal to achieve different ends, depending on the metal’s use. It alters the physical properties of the metal to achieve varying degrees of strength and durability requirements.

      What Does Heat Treatment Provide for Tool and Die?

      In the tool and die industry, heat treatment can make working with steel easier from the start. Heat treatment can change a metal’s physical properties to make it easier to work with throughout the manufacturing process, particularly when welding or machining. It can also make your material more flexible and wear resistant. 

      Heat treatment is also important as part of the finishing process for parts. In their finished state, some metals can be exposed to an environment that makes them more prone to brittleness, so these metals need to be treated to improve their durability. If the end use requires it, heat treatment can also improve a metal’s magnetism and electrical qualities. 

      Why Outsource Heat Treatment

      Tool and die shops manufacture custom parts and equipment that require significant precision and design to spec. Your precision work deserves the attention of a qualified heat treatment expert.

      Whatever your product’s end purpose, it’s critical to partner with a company with expertise in the heat treatment process. You can take this work in-house, but having an in-house expert can be costly. If you don’t get this right, it can result in more than just expensive replacement parts; it could mean life or death for the end user of those faulty parts. 

      With over 75 years of experience, Akron Steel Treating offers a variety of precision heat treatment processes and capabilities to meet your needs. Our experienced, highly qualified metallurgical consultants will work closely with you to find the most cost-effective solution to your metal treating needs. The sophistication of our expanded 46,000 square-foot facility combines with seven decades of heat treating craftsmanship in a true balance of experience with innovation.

      Heat treating steel for machining and welding in the tool and die industry is essential for success. Contact us at Akron Steel Treating and let us help you through the process. 

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