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      Let’s Have a Conversation

      The Importance of Heat Treatment for Medical Devices

      October 06, 2021

      Medical equipment manufacturers are competing to equip hospitals and health care facilities around the globe with advanced technology run on high quality machines. If you work in the medical devices manufacturing field, you know how important heat treatment is to making sure that your product can withstand years of use and the daily wear and tear of treatments, exams, and procedures.

      Depending on the metal’s use, heat treatment involves both heating and cooling metal to achieve different ends. It alters the physical properties of the metal to achieve varying degrees of strength and durability requirements.

      Why Should You Use Heat Treatment for Medical Equipment?

      Depending on the product and its final use, medical equipment made from stainless steel and titanium alloy requires varying degrees of flexibility and surface hardening. Heat treatment improves a product’s corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and strength so that it can withstand wear.

      Every medical device has a different use, which warrants a unique heat treatment process to provide the appropriate level of hardness and durability. Whether it’s a dental implant or professional dental tartar tool, titanium hip implant or medical syringe, the right heat treatment improves the quality of the product and its lifespan.

      Outsourcing Medical Device Heat Treatment

      The hospitals and health care facilities purchasing medical devices and equipment have high standards and expectations for the quality of their products. Your products deserve the attention of a qualified heat treatment expert.

      While heat treatment is something that you can try to take in-house, there are risks involved. Delays in your manufacturing process due to poorly implemented heat treatment, distortion issues, flatness issues, extra expenses post-processing, and products out of spec can all occur from a failure to properly heat treat the metal you’re working with to manufacture medical devices. Beyond the implications to your own manufacturing process, you’re dealing in the industry of people’s health and well-being. A poor end product could cost someone their life.

      Our team at Akron Steel Treating has over 75 years of experience in the precision heat treatment business and offers a wide range of heat treating capabilities. We work closely with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your metal treating needs. Our expanded 46,000 square-foot facility combined with this level of expertise in heat treating craftsmanship brings both experience and innovation together under one roof.

      Heat treating steel for medical devices is essential for your success. Contact us at Akron Steel Treating to connect with one of our experienced, highly qualified metallurgical consultants.


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